The Linden Method are a four piece skate punk band who call Chicago their home. Coining themselves as "Skate Punk Revival Pioneers", The Linden Method is comprised of Alex Wight, Cody Horner, Xack Brame, and Jake Fritzler. Founded in 2012, TLM have been making waves where others merely splash. Blending Alex's melodic vocals with melodic instrumentals, The Linden Method is a band that sets themselves apart from many bands based in the pop-punk capital of the world, Chicago, Illinois. 

Their 2016 release, Good Enough, was received to great reviews and garnered them placement on notable Spotify playlists including "Skate Punk", "The Sound of Deep Pop Punk", and "College Rock". Following the success of their sophomore release, TLM released their third EP, Thin Skin, to their very eager fans. Leaving no stone unturned, TLM came out swinging with their latest EP. The Linden Method will be a name to remember which is proven with their energetic live shows and personable approach to music.